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Onwards, to Glory!

"...those he justified, he also glorified."

So I've started a blog. Groan. I know, there's too many of those pastors around.

But let me explain: I've found that writing my thoughts out actually helps me think them, and I want to get better at doing that. So, very selfishly, this is more a blog for me than for anyone else. But if it encourages some or points them to Christ then all the better.

Why call it 'Onwards, to Glory'? Because as Christians that's exactly where we're headed. When we discuss salvation these days we seem to enjoy the old terms like 'justification' and 'sanctification' but I notice one term we don't speak of quite so much: 'glorification'

That's a shame, because it's the whole point of the others. The end point of our salvation is our glorification ("those he justified, he also glorified" Rom 8:30). That's not to say that we are going to be somehow lauded and praised for ourselves, but we will be transformed in such a way that we will reflect God's glory.

When God gave us this thing called humanity, he gave us something incredibly precious. We are made as images of the infinitely majestic, almighty God. That means that in some mysterious and wonderful way, our humanity was made to reflect his infinite glory. We are marred and broken by our sin, but God's salvation plan unfolding through history is to put his glory on display by taking broken sinners and restoring them as his image-bearers to put his glory on display.

When we reach that final day what will happen? If we have persevered in trusting Christ, we'll be commended, 'well done, good and faithful servant' (Matt 25:21). We'll receive the victor's crown (James 1:12), a new name (Rev 2:17), authority to rule (Rev 2:26). In short, we will be glorified, to Jesus' eternal glory.

So let's "press on to take hold of that for which Christ Jesus took hold of us."

Onwards, to glory!

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